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During last years Pharma Contract Manufacturing event, industry experts shared their ideas on building strong CMO relationships during intimate roundtables. In this short guide, we review some of their key insights. 

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Taking the first steps in outsourcing manufacturing processes

Discussion led by Olivier Wydhooge, Global Value Engineering & Technical Lead, Bayer

This session discussed the drivers for the move towards outsourcing over utilizing internal sites. The main motivating factors were recognized to be complexity reduction and business continuity.

A recommended factor to consider when deciding if outsourcing was needed within the manufacturing process is to benchmark your internal processes against the prospective CMOs. If a company has high value or internal sites that don’t have the right capacity or required equipment then it may be the right choice to outsource external capacity utilization.

Although weighing up the internal process compared to outsourcing can be a long process, the value of making your decision quickly was highlighted.

How to find a new external partner

Discussion led by Kyriakos Berberidis, Director External Manufacturing and Supply, Janssen

In this discussion, attendees were reminded that prior to proceeding to a selection decision there must be a clear strategy in mind. This includes discussions of the product, the technology necessary and whether this should really be an internal or external manufacturing choice.

To find a new partner, extensive market knowledge is need, along with contacts in manufacturing. The sourcing process is also greatly supported by a robust selection and qualification process.

During this process, it is critical to review potential partners on key criteria; their technology capability and capacity, their financial robustness and reputation within the market and their safety and quality culture. A new partner must be of high quality in these regards.

How to get the agility and flexibility you require from your CMO

Discussion led by Donna Stevens, VP External Manufacturing, Ipsen

This roundtable focused on the fundamental idea that when you are looking to increase agility and flexibility from your CMO you must focus your attention on finding mutual benefits. By communicating openly and sharing the context of your situation, it will be easier to find a satisfactory solution for both parties. Showing your own flexibility in some situations can also encourage flexibility from your partner.

The ability to be agile and flexible is also dependent on KPIs, person implants, incentives and whether you are working with a key CMO or preferred supplier.