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There are a lot of hang ups when it comes to prepping as a beginner. One thing we can all fall victim is overpreparing by focusing too much on one particular aspect. This can happen for a number of reasons. One of them most common is fear. You see, we get scared of the idea that we might not be prepared for a certain thing and the threat might seem immanent. Before you know it you have spent $1000 on silver bullion. Its a very scary situation.

These things happen fast. You can quickly get prepper overload and that is no fun.

One of the worst things that happens to preppers who suffer from over prepping is they abandon it altogether. There is a strange sense that they have been taken advantage of. Its a very strange thing but one that needs to be understood.

To avoid over prepping or prepping overload, you need to take some time with your decisions. You have be sure that you are going making decisions for the right reasons. If you read 6 articles about the impending economic collapse you should take a day and wait out a purchase or a next move. Let the adrenaline wear off a bit.

However, its not easy. As preppers we all know that something big is coming. Its going to change the way we live for a long time. We want to be prepared for that. When it comes to waiting the prospect seems terrifying to many.

There is a good reason be careful about this strange symptom of prepping. Look at prepping as a journey and not a countdown. You are moving towards the ultimate blend of life and self sufficiency.  If you watch this thing unfold and enjoy it, you will be able to make great decisions about prepping for years to come.

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