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This picture has nothing to do with this week’s Psychology Around the Net. I just love fall!

What does have to do with this week’s post is “priming” and how it can help women stop shying away from competition, a first-of-its-kind survey that lets mental health consumers tell scientists what they want them to study, overdose prevention kits popping up on college campuses, and more.

: Often, women tend to shy away from competition more than men do, and this could be a reason many women are still at a disadvantage when it comes to career-related matters (e.g. pay, promotions, etc.). Studies suggest that “priming” — a psychological technique that places people in certain situations and can change their decision-making behavior — could lead to situations in which men and women are more similar in their competitive behavior.

: These everyday activities — which can soon turn into habits — are sure to help both your physical and mental wellness.

: Jake McKenzie, CEO of Intermark Group, the largest psychology-driven marketing firm in the country, explains the most popular (and effective) ways marketers use your own psychological habits to get you to buy their stuff (and if you’re thinking “These kinds of tricks don’t work on me,” well, welcome to #3).

: Using a first-of-its kind survey, the Milken Institute and the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance are asking patients what aspects of their health — specifically depression and/or bipolar disorder — they want more research on. Since August 2018, nearly 6,000 people have responded to the survey and if you want to answer, too.

: I’m not going to give it away, obvs, but I can tell you I remember being a lot more consistently happy when I had a strong handle on this.

: Overall, many colleges and universities haven’t felt the full brunt of the opioid epidemic raging through the United States; however, that doesn’t mean they aren’t without any problems and that school administrators want to keep their students as safe as possible. These safety precautions range from awareness and prevention programs to showing students how to save someone from an overdose using Narcan (Naloxone). Going even further, Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts has installed approximately 60 “Opioid Overdose Kits,” each of which contains two doses of Narcan nosespray.

Psychology Around the Net: October 27, 2018