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Here’s a bit of a money question for you today: how much do you regularly spend on fitness and exercise-related expenses? What splurges have you made on equipment (Peloton!? Rogue?), clothing, and repeating bills like gym or ClassPass memberships, streaming services, and more? (If you’re the type of person who takes vacations around exercise — like biking through Tuscany, or a 10K in a fun city, please tell us what you’ve done and what was worth it!) On the flip side, where do you save? 

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I would not call myself an athlete by any stretch of the imagination (and “be strong” is a constant goal in progress, with lots of room for improvement), but I do try to exercise pretty often. I would have said that I vastly prefer home exercise/exercise for convenience, and so in the past this has mostly meant walking, running (C25K!), and a long while ago, exercise DVDs — as I get older I find I need cardio to keep the crazies away, strength training to actually lose weight, and I’m just recently starting to get into yoga for self-care/relaxation/stretching for my tight hips (particularly after so many readers recommended yoga as their “mental quiet time” when we discussed just that a few weeks ago).  

Anyway: I was a bit surprised to realize that I actually spend a fair amount on fitness currently! I keep starting and stopping membership things like Faster Way to Fat Loss and Street Parking, and streaming fitness options like Beachbody, Gaia, Booya, and more. Just today I paid for a yearly subscription to , and I’m on month two of . (Lots of these have been recommended by readers; huge thanks!) I don’t have an active gym membership at the moment, but I’ll occasionally hit a class with a friend, or if I see a Groupon-type sale on a local gym I’ll try it out to see if it’s convenient enough to make it part of my regular routine. I even have a “wishlist” of things to try next that I’ve heard great things about, including subscriptions to BBG, Aaptiv, and maybe a workout program or two from Fitness Blender. For equipment I’ve written before about my favorite home weights, and for exercise clothes I tend to buy a lot of stuff from and . 

So I’m curious — how much do you spend on fitness, from gym memberships to home exercise equipment to workout digs? For those of you who need carrots to help you work out regularly, do you occasionally splurge on fitness items to coerce yourself into exercising regularly? What has been the best money you’ve spent — and what has been the worst? 

Stock photo of woman doing yoga via Stencil.