A Vancouver man is set to embark on a 150-day journey across the United States, all with his golden retriever Ginger in tow.

Brian Nadon and Ginger leave Vancouver on March 31st for the “Paws across America” tour in support of his charity, the Vatic Foundation, which raises awareness for PTSD and offers scholarships for those living with the disorder.

The two will travel south to San Diego, Calif., where they will cross the southern states before heading north to Chicago, Ill. From there, they head east to Boston, Mass., and then south to their finish in Miami, Fla. The trip will cover 10,500 km in 150 days.

“It was Ginger’s idea,” Nadon joked during an interview with CTV News Channel.

This is not the first time the two have travelled long distances together. Last year, they completed the “Golden Tour” where Nadon and Ginger travelled by bike from Charlottetown, P.E.I. to Victoria, B.C. in 110 days.

“I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, (but) we’re going to do it again and this year,” Nadon said.

Nadon said Ginger has grown to really enjoy being on the road.

“It’s a holiday for the dog,” he said. “Ginger runs about 15 to 20 kilometres per day, the rest of the time she gets pulled like a princess in a chariot behind my bike.”

Nadon, who survived complex PTSD himself, said Ginger has been a great ambassador for the disorder, in part because of how friendly she can be.

“People are willing to approach the dog, say hello to myself and then start talking about some of the things that they’ve been through,” he said.

The two are planning to travel through Europe and the Middle East next year, with a trip from Alaska down to the southern tip of South America also in the works.